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get to know me

Born by the sea, grew up at the beach and settled in Amsterdam. Somewhere in between I spent some time in the suburbs of Texas and always foggy San Francisco. During this period I discovered the beauty of our world and fell in love with her. After graduating college I wanted to discover more of our planet and became a flight attendant. I felt the urge to capture as much of my travels as possible, resulting in me falling in love with photography.

At the same time my passion for interior developed. I started spending most of my free time browsing on Pinterest, collecting interior design magazines and visiting furniture stores. But just looking at these beautiful interiors didn't feel like enough: I wanted to actually be a part of it by capturing the beauty I find in the art I call interior.

Nowadays I get to combine my two biggest passions: interior and photography. Plus I still get to travel the world as a flight attendant. So as you might image, I consider myself to be one very lucky girl.

educational background

Majored in communications and specialized in visual branding. Followed several photography courses at the Fotoacademie Amsterdam.

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